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Floor cleaning supplies by Bona

Did you know that cleaning your hardwood or laminate floors is almost as easy as cleaning a mirror? When done with the right product it is. Sweep, spray, wipe (mop), done! Here is why: you are cleaning the polyurethane finish NOT your wood.

Investing in a floor can be expensive. PLEASE, don’t ruin your new or inherited hardwood or laminate floors by cleaning them with the wrong products. Here is a big hint - almost ALL products that are being advertised or sold on stores shelves to clean, polish or shine your floors will do damage! The gloss level of the original product (out of the box) is the gloss level that you should have and expect for the life of the hardwood or laminate. DO NOT USE a steam cleaner on ANY wood product (hardwood or laminate). So what do you use? HFO recommends Bona cleaning products for your hard surfaces: hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl.

Also keep in mind that your maintenance will change if you have an OIL finished floor.

HFO just purchased a close out lot of Bona products. Get your replacement cleaning pads, duster pads or cleaning products while the deals last.

A healthier clean

Keeping your floors clean is important for a number of reasons. Materials like hardwood and laminate can grow dull and weak when dirt builds up on the surface. Over time, grinding this dirt into the floors can cause permanent damage. You can extend the life of your floors up to a decade just by keeping the surface clean. This will save you money and time in the future! Keeping your flooring in good shape also means reducing harmful bacteria and preventing stains or warped spots from appearing. Bacteria can make family members and pets sick, and stains are ugly and can be signs of more serious damage. To keep your floors and home clean, we suggest some of these great cleaning supplies:

  • Bona Cleaning Kits: HFO offers an all-inclusive kits that are specially made for hardwood or laminate, stone, and tile. These kits feature a durable microfiber pad, a dusting pad, a bottle of Bona cleaner and mop. The Bona detergents are non-toxic and do not leave behind residue, and best of all are anti-bacterial for households with small kids. The microfiber and dusting pads are machine washable for continued use (just make sure you DON'T use fabric softer liquid or sheets when cleaning and drying. Fabric softener is an oil and it will leave a haze or residue). These cleaning kits combine all of your favorite products into one affordable system.
  • Bona Spray Mop Kits: If you don’t want to lug around a bottle while you are cleaning this convenient floor mop is equipped with a handy cartridge that sprays a mild detergent from a trigger in the handle as you clean. The sleek design makes it easy to move underneath furniture. It can reach small corners of rooms like kitchens or bathrooms. The spray mop kit comes with a dusting and cleaning pad, a cartridge for your flooring type and the trigger handle mop. Replacement cartridges are also available.
  • Bona Cleaning Sprays: Already have a mop and new or clean microfiber pads? Just purchase the spray bottle. We carry cleaning sprays that are specially made for flooring materials. You can find sprays for hardwood, laminate, stone, and tile as well as vinyl. All of our sprays are environmentally friendly so that they can be used in family and pet-owning homes. We also carry larger ready to use bottles and concentrate for refilling (just make sure you add distilled or filtered water). All cleaners come in an economy size and you can continue to reuse the spray bottle.
  • Bona Replacement Pads: If you have really dirty and well used pads, replace them so that you are not spreading the dirt around. HFO carries several types including microfiber for cleaning and a softer fluffier version for dusting. We have several sizes and styles available for your mop.

Bona Polish* or Refresher

You say you want a shine? The polish or refresher is one way to get a shine without refinishing your floors. We sell it, but we are cautious. We recommend testing the product out in a very clean area that is “out of the way” before applying it to your entire floor. Make sure that your floors are clean before applying this product, that you use a recommended application pad, and that your expectations are not too high.

*At HFO we are even cautious about using the Bona "polish". Ladies, think nail polish. Do you put new polish over your old? Of course not, you make sure your nails are clean. Does it look great the whole time you have it on? It looks great the first couple days, but as it ages it gets chips, and scratches till you take it off and reapply a new layer. If you are desperate and choose to apply a polish to your floors you may be disappointed that you are going to have to reapply it again and again. If that doesn’t make it shiny enough for you then you don't have the right finish. If you have hardwood, consider a screen and recoat to a higher gloss level. When you purchase pre-finished hardwood or laminates, the finish you see is the shine you get for the life of the product.
Most hardwood and laminate cleaners that you find on store shelves can leave disgusting residues, a haze, contain harmful chemicals, or look great the first day but the haze will get worse with continued use and actually ruin your floors. Orange Glo, Mop & Glo, Pledge, Murphy's oil soap, Zep, Awesome, vinegar, Spic and Span, Pine Sol, Simple Green, Swiffer (especially the Wet Jet), any oil based products, any waxes, ammonia, even plain tap water are bad news for hardwood and laminate flooring. Yes they all claim to clean your hardwood floors, but in the long run you are ruining your floors and potentially causing major finish problems. And PLEASE, stop steam “cleaning” your hardwoods and laminates…water damage? And then you add heat? That makes it that much more dangerous. If you have tile or vinyl, steam your heart out.

We CRINGE when we hear the words "steam mop" and "hardwood" used together, along with the other above mentioned floor ruining suspects. Acids in the vinegar or citrus actually STRIP the polyurethane that most pre-finished hardwood AND laminate floors have. The same is true if it is an aluminum oxide finish, acrylic impregnated, titanium oxide, varnish, shellac, or lacquer. Orange Glo equals orange peel finish. Waxes, the way we used to clean our floors, is only for commercial use (supermarkets, airports, etc.). Most of the other products are damaging your floors with water. Tap water leaves mineral deposits. Just look at your shower head nozzle. You do need a mild detergent in a pH neutral product and that isn’t dangerous to family or your nose.

Protecting your investment is simple with floor cleaning supplies from Bona. Bona makes high quality cleaning products that are recommended by all of the largest flooring manufactures in the business and using them will keep your flooring looking beautiful for years to come. Homeowners in the Murrieta and Temecula areas can find all the products they need at Hardwood Floors Outlet. All of the Bona products are made for specific types of floor coverings. They are easy to use and safe for your family and home. When it comes to keeping your home healthy and beautiful, Hardwood Floors Outlet and Bona are here to help.

Think of polyurethane like Plexiglas; you can’t get the scratches out, and sometimes the more you rub, the worse it gets. This is what your furniture is doing to your finish. Every time you sit on the couch, get up from the table, and especially when you move your furniture, if you don’t have felt protection on furniture that you don’t think moves, it really does! Those minute movements will wear through the finish and you will think you have a claim, but you just have poor maintenance. Flexi-Felt will solve that problem. See our Flexi-Felt page for more information.

See the difference proper cleaning supplies make. Get a cleaner home with Bona products from Hardwood Floors Outlet and enjoy our low prices. We help you protect your floors and keep your home looking its best.